Minutes of first meeting of Wasatch Penturners Club

Minutes of 2nd Meeting of the Wasatch Penturners Club – 08/06/2009

The meeting was brought to order at 7:00 pm by Harold Lee thanking Woodcraft for the use of their training room.

Harold also covered the “Pens for Troops” program which is being sponsored by Woodcraft. Someone asked if information about this program could be posted on our website. Harold said that he would check with Ian Parrish about it.

We all introduced ourselves telling where we live and our interests. Show and Tell was next with several members showing pens and tools that they had brought. Attendance of this meeting was kept on a separate document.

Tim Schaeffer has opened a bank account that is temporarily in his name. Several of us wrote him checks for our Club dues which are $24.00 per year.

Harold covered our meeting schedule for the rest of the year stating that we meet the first Thursday of every other month. He ran down the list of Club privileges that include being able to vote on issues pertaining to the Club, participating in Club raffles, Club swap table, and being able to purchase Club-produced instructional DVDs in the future. All meetings are open to non-member guests except the December meeting which will consist of a Christmas party with food for members and their spouse or significant other.

Harold read the list of the Club officers and their responsibilities referring to a copy of the Club’s guidelines that he had brought with him. Officers serve a term of one year.

President – Harold Lee

Vice President – Paul Yates

Secretary – Mark Elmer

Treasurer – Tim Schaeffer

Member-at-Large – Ian Parrish

Webmaster – Ian Parrish

Editor – Rick Nebeker

Photographers – Wes Bowling and Keith Todd

A demonstration sign up sheet was circulated and several people signed up to do demonstrations in the future.

The remaining time was spent with Tips and Tricks. There were many tips that were discussed, such as applying wax or some other anti-stick material to the bushings and mandrel to keep the blank from getting glued onto the mandrel and bushings, various ideas about drilling blanks, gluing tubes into blanks, pen finishing ideas, sharpening tools, etc.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 1, 2009.