Minutes of first meeting of Wasatch Penturners Club

Minutes of the Third Meeting of the Wasatch Penturners Club

1 October 2009

The meeting was brought to order at 7:00 pm by Harold Lee thanking Woodcraft for the use of their training room. Twenty-one people attended the meeting. Harold covered the “Pens for Troops” program which is being sponsored by Woodcraft and also drew attention to the “Swap Table” where surplus wood and other items that members had brought could be traded.

Show and Tell” was next with several members showing pens and items that they had brought. Eight of the pens that were circulated were being donated to the “Pens for Troops” program. It was suggested that each pen donation should have a note that goes with the pen to thank the troops for their service. Eight pens were donated at the meeting. Several members said that they would be donating pens before the November 7 deadline.

Ian Parish took a few minutes to talk about the Club website that he is creating and hosting at his expense. He pleaded with everyone to please send him pictures, articles, videos, and any other penturning related content for him to post on the site. Ian is even willing to reward folks with free pen blanks for website content. Ian mentioned that there are some ads on the site to defray the cost of hosting it. Ian also brought seventy slimline pen kits and Corian scrap in red, white, and blue for anyone that would turn Pens for the Troops.

The main event of the evening was Rodney Bertone’s demonstration on casting pen blanks. Rodney buys most of his casting supplies from Delvie’s Plastics, Inc, 133 West Haven Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah 84115, (801)467-1548, www.delviesplastics.com. He mixed up enough resin, color, glitter ice, and hardener to cast a pen blank. He is able to cast pen blanks well under $1.00 each including all of the “mix ins” that he buys from craft stores or “borrows” from his wife’s scrap booking supply stash. Rodney went on to talk about turning plastic, suggesting that turning tools be very sharp and that you go slow and not rush things. He starts sanding with 400-grit paper working gradually all the way up to the micro-mesh abrasives and even uses some liquid polishes at the very end of the project.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 3, 2009. This will be our Christmas party and the Club will furnish cold cuts. Members are encouraged to bring their spouse or significant other. A sign up list was circulated for salads, deserts, and other items to round out the feast. Everyone is encouraged to bring inexpensive gift items for the gift exchange; if there are any leftover gifts, we will have a raffle.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm. Many members hung around a while and visited with each other and shopped in the store.

Mark Elmer, Secretary