Minutes of first meeting of Wasatch Penturners Club

Minutes of Fourth Meeting of Wasatch Penturners Club – 12/03/09

Many members and their guests came earlier than usual to help set up the meeting room for our first annual Christmas dinner and meeting. The club supplied trays of meats and cheeses and everyone contributed side dishes and desserts to round out the meal.

The meeting was brought to order a short time after the usual 7:00 pm start time by Harold Lee, who thanked Woodcraft for the use of their training room. He also thanked everyone for pitching in early to get set up and for what they brought to share.

Harold then asked various members of the club to report on their club assignments.

Tim Schaeffer talked about the club logo that will be finished very soon. He said it is a combination of the best elements of several logos. It will be available in several forms, color, black and white, and in various forms as well. We will likely have hats, shirts and other items with the club logo on them in the future.

Ian Parrish reported that the club website has a place where anyone can read or download current or archived club newsletters. He has posted more pictures which mostly consist of work he has done, and he hopes members will send him pictures and articles to post on the site as well. There is also a place to upload these items, but you need to email him to get instruction and a password to do this the first time. The links section has also been expanded. Ian also suggested that we include a link to the website on emails that we send. This can be done by modifying our “signatures” in our email programs.

Dick Stucki covered the newsletter and he asked us all to email articles and content for future newsletters. He also wants ideas for future articles and features for the newsletter.

Harold asked for volunteers for upcoming meetings. Dick Stucki will have a demonstration on ornamental pen turning in February, Rodney Bertone will do a demonstration on segmented pen blanks in April, and Mark Elmer will cover shop safety in June.

Show and Tell was next. Mike Rice circulated a pen he turned from Ipe wood which is also known as Brazilian Walnut. Ian showed two pens that he turned from Corian for the Pens for Troops program, and he also showed the materials in the various stages of production. Aaron Lee shared a segmented pen that he made that had pieces of figured wood glued together at forty five degree angles. Harold showed a pen that he made with aluminum can lamination separating the walnut and diamondwood in a geographic pattern. Paul showed a pen made from black and white ebony which had a very nice contrast between the heartwood and sapwood. Ian showed some bottle toppers or bottle stoppers that his daughter Abby turned. Harold suggested that Abbey join the club.

It should be mentioned that during Ian’s Show and Tell the idea was floated that we do a Pens for Troops Turn-A-Thon at a future date.

The next matter of business was to draw out for the gift exchange starting first with the inexpensive gifts that members brought. Then some pen kits and wood blanks that Woodcraft donated were distributed. Several $10 gift certificates donated by Craft Supplies USA were drawn for. A couple of turning tools were handed out. And finally a fair sized pile of very interesting wood pieces was parceled out from Joe Wagner’s private stash. There were some very fine pieces which were highly figured, spalted, and otherwise very interesting. Overall Joe was able to identify the majority of the pieces. There were a few that were a mystery but not many. It was easy to see that Joe knows a lot about wood.

Wes Bowling circulated through the room during the meeting taking lots of pictures.

Fourteen penturners and five partners attended the party.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4, 2010.