Minutes of first meeting of Wasatch Penturners Club

Minutes of the Wasatch Penturners Club Meeting

4 February 2010

The meeting was brought to order at the usual 7:00 p.m. starting time by Harold who thanked Woodcraft for the use of their training room. He also thanked Joe, who brought a box of Corian scraps for club members to share. Harold circulated a sign up list for those willing to present demonstrations at future meetings.

We had four “first-timers” tonight:

Earl said that he’d taken woodturning in high school. He is now retired and enjoying rediscovering turning.

Kevin is retired from military service. He enjoys turning pens, rolling pins, and bats. Kevin mentioned that he brought a small amount of purpleheart wood from his tour in Iraq. This wood once belonged to Saddam Hussein’s government. It was imported to line the floors of military truck beds. Kevin will provide a pen blank of this wood to any turner to make a pen for someone who received a Purple Heart medal or for the surviving spouse of a Purple Heart medal recipient.

Wayne and Melissa are new penturners. They have had their lathe for about two weeks. They came into Woodcraft tonight to pick up a few pen kits. Upon discovering that we were having our meeting they decided to come and join us. Melissa got hooked on pen turning at a woodworking show a year ago.

Show & tell: Rodney brought a pen that he made with a segmented blank. He will be teaching this technique at our next meeting. Mike brought a used automotive shock absorber. He plans to cut the long hardened steel shaft off it and turn it into a turning tool. This opened up a discussion about what would need to be done to soften the metal enough to grind it into the desired shape and then to re-harden the metal. Rodney mentioned that the Woodwright Shop http://www.pbs.org/woodwrightsshop has a video that shows the process.

Ian reported he has recently made some changes to our club website. The club logo has been added and the site is now easier to navigate. A section on our meetings has been added where the meeting minutes and other meeting information will be posted. A members’ gallery has been added for those who wish to post pictures of their workshops, projects and anything else they wish to share. There is also room for step-by-step instruction of pen turning techniques that cannot fully be covered in the newsletters. This instructional area of the site can also have pictures and video. Ian reminded us that he desperately needs content for the website, and while he will post anything that he receives, it is more interesting if those sending pictures would include some text that he can turn into captions – nothing fancy, just simple explanations of what each picture is showing. Content can be emailed to Ian or burned onto a CD and brought to him at the next meeting.

Dick reported that the club newsletter is getting to be too large of a file to email out. He will now send an email with a link to the club website from which newsletters can be viewed and printed.

Tim reported that our treasury has a balance of $353.00. This balance will be reduced somewhat in the near future as there are outstanding reimbursements for Christmas party and website registration expenses. There are also some monies owed to Tim for expenses he incurred establishing the account. He also mentioned that we currently have forty-six people on our email list. And also that we are now midway through our fiscal year, and those who are joining the club at this time will pay a prorated $12 in club dues. Just as a reminder, membership renewal time is in June, and dues are $24 for a full year.

Harold put together a group pen kit purchase of chrome Wall Street II from Woodcraft. Our combined order tonight qualified for the 50-kit discount. Everyone who participated in this opportunity saved 20% off of the regular price. We will do these club buys in the future. Harold is open to suggestions on kit styles members want to suggest for future group buys. Hopefully enough of us paid for their kits tonight that Tim can fund the purchase. The plan is that members who paid for their kits tonight will be able to come into Woodcraft and pick them up soon. Notification will come via emails from Tim. Members who ordered kits and did not pay for them tonight will likely have to wait until the next meeting in April to pick up their kits.

Harold mentioned that May 5 is The Pen Turners Rendezvous and this opened up discussion about using this opportunity to raise awareness of our club. Harold has prepared several small bags containing pen blanks from wood species native to Utah which he would be willing to donate for door prizes at the event. Additional methods to promote the club at this event, such as publishing copies of our latest newsletter for distribution, donating a nice door prize, or sponsoring a booth at the event, were suggested. Harold and Tim will work together on this project, and members present approved a budget for what they decided to do which shall not exceed $75.00.

The Utah Woodturning Symposium will be held in Orem May 6-8, 2010 (http://www.utahwoodturning.com). Several members shared their enthusiasm for this once-a-year event that draws turners from around the world.

Ian mentioned that he would like to receive finished pens for the Pens for Troops project. He provided pen kits to some members for this purpose. Please contact Ian to give him the pens you’ve made from these kits.

Dick demonstrated his Beall Pen Wizard tonight. This is an ornamental lathe which can produce hundreds of decorative patterns on pens, pencils, key chains and other small turnings using a Dremel, Foredom or Proxxon rotary carving tool. A complete description and pictures of this tool can be viewed at Beall’s website:

http://www.bealltool.com/products/turning/lathewiz.php. Dick said the tool costs about $320.00, and many of the usual suppliers are offering it now. He also showed some examples of what he has been able to produce in the short time that he has had this tool.

Mark Elmer, Secretary